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  • Mosquito Bite Scars Banished by Argan Oil

    Posted on August 9th, 2013 22zeroeight No comments

    Pure Argan Oil can soothe Mosquito bites

    Whilst holidaying on the beautiful island of Crete and just a few days into our break, I noticed that as the sun set in the evenings my skin was under attack. The local people pointed out to me that I must be attracting mosquitoes in their hundreds as I had very red bites which within a couple of days had swollen to huge welts on my skin. These bites itched like the devil and drove me to distraction.

    Blood Types

    My blood type is A+ and my companion’s is O+ and I wondered if this had any bearing on why I was being eaten alive and he was remaining untouched. He hadn’t one bite on his body. In our hotel room we used lit coils to distract and repel the mosquitoes but this didn’t stop them when it came to me. I had a net around the bed and was covered in a tropical repellent from head to toe all to no avail.

    We visited the local pharmacy and the chemist gave me anti-histamine to reduce the swelling and an antibiotic to combat any impending infection as a result of these bites. I looked like someone from a leper colony and this had a knock-on effect on my choice of attire. I couldn’t wear my little cotton dresses or shorts and had to wear a sarong around my waist if I had my bathing suit or bikini on. Believe me when I tell you how unsightly my legs looked. I was scared to look at them myself for half the time.

    Feeling dreadful four days into the holiday and not too happy to boot. My partner booked me into the local beauty spa for a massage. He recommended that I try to relax and make the most of our holiday, after all these were only mosquito bites.

    ‘Moskito Tigres’

    Aphrodite, the beautician at the spa drew in a sharp intake of breath when she first saw my legs but knew she had the perfect balm for them. “Please” she said “lie down and I will massage your body with Argan Oil. This oil is produced in Morocco and it will soothe your skin and reduce the inflammation caused by the mosquito bites. These mosquitoes are Tiger Mosquitoes or what we Cretans call “Moskito Tigres.”

    Apparently I wasn’t the only tourist that year that’d been under attack some poor people had to visit the local Red Cross for treatment.


    Knossos, Crete

    Contains Anti-Oxidants

    Aphrodite recommended Argan Oil for skin and I wanted to know more as I’d never heard of it. Produced in Morocco this cold pressed oil is 100% pure and contains many anti-oxidants but no chemicals. Aphrodite found that the purest and best was actually exported via Scotland as the mosquitoes cousin the ‘Scottish Midge’ also has a lethal bite which causes redness, itchiness and soreness. Pure Argan oil alleviates the symptoms of the bite as it contains wonderful anti-inflammatory qualities. I know what I’ll be using to soothe my skin in future.

    More Information

    Want to know more about how Pure Moroccan Argan Oil can help your skin, I found this great website that has lots of useful information, Mevrea Pure Argan Oil are a company based in the UK that supply and sell the 100% Pure Form.

  • Hacked By 0x1999 – Indonesian Code Party – Jatim4u

    Posted on August 9th, 2013 22zeroeight 1 comment

    Hacked By 0x1999 – Indonesian Code Party – Jatim4u